Prof. Shafi Shouqe

Wazwaan - A Tradition of Taste

The film is about the age-old tradition of Wazwan. The preparation of mouth-watering Kashmiri dishes is shown in detail. Kabab, Tabak Maz, Rista, Goshtaba and all other meat dainties served in wazwan are discussed at length. There is also a good mention of the negative aspect of the tradition. The film concludes with the suggestion that if the element of extravaganza is taken out from it, it will taste sweeter as it does at present.

House Boat

The houseboat, a house on the surface of deep flowing waters of lakes and rivers is a novelty of Kashmir . It reflects the scenic beauty of Kashmir valley. It is one of the several types of boats that have been indigenenously developed in Kashmir . It contains all the coziness and comfort of a fabulous house. This programme deals with the history of houseboat and its construction. It also gives an inside look by showing the beautiful designs embellishing the boat within. It also highlights the hazardous impact of these boats on water bodies and forest cover.

Marvels of Penmanship

Penmanship is a classical art. Beautifying words and creating magic by means of a simple paper, inkpot and quill-feather - this is what this art is all about. The expert hands draw some eye catching designs on paper. Kashmir has produced some great penmen, who by their unique art have caught the attention of art lovers within and outside Kashmir . The valley of Kashmir , by nature, is a land of designs. Gardens, mountains, meadows, streams, rivers – each of these natural marvels is a design in itself. Calligraphers draw their inspiration from the atmosphere around them.

The Khatamband

This film is about a special type of ceiling called The Khatamband. Khatamband is a speciality in woodwork brought to Kashmir in 1541 by Mirza Hyder Douglat. The wood is processed and cut into buttons and panels and fixed in the ceiling in various floral and geometrical designs. This specialty of Kashmir is fast spreading to other parts of the globe.

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