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Volvox is one of the best-known chlorophytes and is the most developed in a series of genera that form spherical colonies. Each mature Volvox colony is composed of numerous flagellate cells similar to Chlamydomonas, up to 50,000 in total, and embedded in the surface of a hollow sphere or coenobium containing an extracellular matrix made of a gelatinous glycoprotein.
The cells swim in a coordinated fashion, with distinct anterior and posterior poles. The cells have eyespots, more developed near the anterior, which enable the colony to swim towards light. 

Story of Typha Part-I

The first part of the programme “Story of Typha” highlights the agricultural aspect and utility of plant typha. This plant grows in abundance in marshy lands of various lakes in Kashmir. The programme also highlights the cultivation and transportation of this plant on the banks of Dal lake where marketing of this plant takes place.

Floating Gardens

The programme Floating Gardens is about vegetable gardens of Dal lake, which produce a large chunk of vegetables for the consumption of local population and other states. The programme gives an idea about the geography of the lake, its past and present status. It introduces the people living in the lake concerned with vegetables, their economy and their culture and also the making of the floating gardens.

Dal - Looking for Life

Prestigious Dal lake of Kashmir is getting polluted form all sides. It has been realized that the only thing that can save the lake is immediate retrieval measures.

Steps have been taken in this direction by various concerned authorities.

The film probes into the cumulative effect of these retrieval measures and comes to a conclusion whether these measures are ecologically viable.

Story of Silk

The film is about the manufacture of silk. The story begins with a silkworm that lays down eggs which are hatched and then after a long process of winding, rewinding reeling, re-reeling of the silk thread we get the product. The film also points towards the problems faced by Kashmir silk industry which was once considered one of the flourishing industries of the valley.

The Story of a Bat

The film is about the process of manufacturing bats in Kashmir . It carries a description of all the stages that the crude wood of willow tree has to go through till the final product is got. The problems faced by the bat manufacturing industry have also been mentioned.

The Art of Wood Carving

The film deals with an ancient craft of Kashmir , the Art of Wood Carving. The wood carving is done on walnut wood which is ideal for carving. The film shows that how crude logs of walnut are shaped into furnished sheets as well as utilitarian products. The art of wood carving is now rapidly becoming popular for architectural purpose.

The film also points out the declining trend of this art as the new generation is not showing any interest in learning this art because of its time consuming nature.

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