Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Nikka

Copperware - A Peerless Heritage

The film is regarding the beautiful and attractive articles of copperware which can lure even an unintended buyer. In recent past, the status of an average Kashmiri family was assessed through the quantity and quality of copperware it would possess.
The film highlights that copperware – a product of durability and utility, attraction and value finds its birth in the rigorous efforts put in by a coppersmith.

Pashmina – Glorious Heritage of Kashmir

Weeks, months and years of weaving, spinning mostly carried out by the women folk of Kashmir and all the stages to follow result in the making of a costly fabric pashmina. Pashmina is a soft hair gathered from the goats that descend from central asian mountains. Depending on quality, price may go upto two lacs or so. The film sums up the details of making as well as marketing of pashmina and its products.

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