LOR Year 2013

 LOR list Year 2013

1 what is PYTHIUM?
2 describe the diseases caused by PYTHIUM?
3 define pollen-pistil INTERACTION?
4 how can we explain pollen germination and pollen tube growth in stigma ?
5 how pollen tube enters into the ovule?
6 how pollen tube enters into the EMBRYOSAC?
7 describe gametophytic INCOMPATIBILITY?
8 describe sporophytic INCOMPATIBILITY?
9 how can we DEFINE SOIL?
10 how development of soil takes PLACE?
11 what is WEATHERING?
12 what is TOPOGRAPHY?
13 What is Cultivated Apple?
14 What are the important features of a cultivar?
15 Describe Apple Rootstock?
16 How can we describe Apple Tree?
17 Describe Fuji Apple?
18 Describe Gala Apple?
19 Describe Golden Delicious apple?
20 Describe Granny smith apple?
21 Describe Origin of cultivated Apple?
22 Describe Red Delicious Apple?
23 Describe economic importance of an Apple?
24 How can we define a Bamboo plant?
25 Describe Coconut palm?
26 Describe economic importance of Coconut palm?
27 What are the different diseases of coconut palm?
28 Define Coffee?
29 Describe adverse effects of Coffee?
30 Describe economic importance of Coffee?
31 Describe Energy flow in ecosystem?
32 Define Jute?
33 How Jute is classified?
34 How can we describe Jute plant?
35 Define Tea?
36 How can we describe Tea plant?
37 Define Wood?
38 How can we describe Timber wood?
39 How is wood used as fuel?
40 How Trees are used as firewood?