LOR Year 2012

 LOR list Year 2012

S.No. Name of LOR
1 What is Rhynia?
2 How can we explain the History of Rhynia?
3 What do you mean by the Morphology of Rhynia ?
4 How can we explain the Internal Structure of Rhynia?
5 Define Anatomy of Rhynia?
6 How Reproduction is taking place in Rhynia?
7 Define Sexual incompatibility?
8 What are the reactions in incompatible process ?
9 Define Self Incompatability ?
10 What is the biological significance of Self Incompatibility ?
11 What are the general characters of Fabaceae?
12 Explain Floral Morphology of Fabaceae?
13 Define Pollination and Fruit Dispersal of Fabaceae?
14 What are the Sub-families of Fabaceae?
15 What is the Systematic Position of Fabaceae?
16 Explain Phylogeny of Fabaceae?
17 Explain Diversity in Fabacea?
18 Describe Fruit Maturation?
19 Describe occurrence and distribution of Gymnosperms?
20 Define Molecular Taxonomy?
21 What are the sources of molecular characters?
22 Explain the life cycle of Mucor?
23 Explain the economic importance of Mucor?
24 Describe Bacteria as Source of Antibiotics & Bacteria in Biotransformation?
25 Describe the role of Bacteria? 
26 Explain the term Caryophyllaceae?
27 Describe Systematic position of Caryophyllaceae ?
28 Describe the application of numerical taxonomy?
29 Explain Pollination?
30 What are the Floral adaptations favouring self-pollination ?
31 Explain Phylogeny of Rutaceae ?
32 What is the Systematic position of Rutaceae ?
33 Describe Seed Plants? 
34 Describe Anatomy of seed plants? 
35 How can we explain the representation of taxonomic hierarchy?
36 What do you mean by Anthoceros?
37 Explain the development of Anthoceros ?
38 Explain life cycle of Anthoceros ?
39 Describe reproduction of Anthoceros ?
40 What are the sex organs of Anthoceros ?
41 Describe Structure of capsule of Anthoceros ?
42 Explain the Thallus Structure of Anthoceros ?
43 Explain apical portion of Funaria ?
44 How fertilization of Funaria occurs ?
45 Describe Growth of Funaria ?
46 How can we explain the term Funaria ?
47 Describe reproduction of Funaria ?
48 Define Colinearity of genetic code ?
49 How genetic code is non-overlapping and commaless ?
50 Explain how the genetic code has polarity ?
51 Describe Bacterial Chromosomes ?
52 Explain chemical composition of Chromosomes ?
53 Define Karyotype ?
54 Explain morphology of Chromosomes?
55 Describe significance of Chromosomes? 
56 How can we explain viral Chromosomes ?
57 What are the General Uses of algae? 
58 How Algae is used as food?  
59 How Algae is used as Pisi Culture?  
60 How Algae is used in Space Research?  
61 How algae is used as recreational purposes?  
62 How can we explain use of algae as fertilizers?  
63 Describe the use of Algae in the Synthesis? 
64 Explain the use of Algae in Industries? 
65 Describe Negative role of Algae? 
66 Describe Vaucheria? 
67 Describe vegetative reproduction in vaucheria? 
68 Describe Telia and Teliospores of puccinia?  
69 Describe Basidia and basidiospores of puccinia?  
70 Describe Aecia and aeciospores of puccinia?  
71 What are the methods of controlling the rust disease? 
72 Describe classification of Oedogonium? 
73 Describe thallus structure of Oedogonium? 
74 Describe evolution of Translocation? 
75 Define Algae?
76 Describe general Characters of algae? 
77 Describe Thallus structure in algae? 
78 Define Operon? 
79 Describe important Features and Life History of Chaetomium?  
80 Reproduction  
81 What are the diseases caused by Chaetomium?  
82 What are the precautions to be taken with Chaetomium?  
83 Describe the earliest seeds (Devonian seed ferns) ?
84 Explain sexual incompatibility? 
85 Describe self-incompatibility?  
86 Describe Physiology and biochemistry of Incompatibility?     
87 What is the biological significance of Self Incompatibility?    
88 What is the genetic material?    
89 How attributes of DNA act as the ideal genetic material?   
90 How evidence of DNA acts as the genetic material?     
91 How DNA acts as the Transforming Factor? 
92 Explain Hershey-Chase Experiment?   
93 Describe formation of Nuclear Envelope? 
94 Describe origin of Nuclear Envelope?   
95 Describe systematic position of Marchantia?
96 Describe life cycle of Marchantia?  
97 What is alteration of generations?   
98 Describe the economically important products in Eurotium?
99 What are the diseases caused by Eurotium?
100 Explain the nature and function of P-protein ?
101 Describe the function of Secondary Phloem ?
102 Describe development of the Female Gametophyte ?
103 Explain Megasporogenesis ? 
104 Describe Fertilization? 
105 Define Ranunculaceae ?
106 Explain systematic Position of Ranunculaceae ?
107 Describe diversity of Ranunculaceae ? 
108 What are the economic importance of Ranunculaceae ?
109 Define Rosaceae ?
110 Explain systematic position of Rosaceae ? 
111 Describe diversity of Rosaceae ? 
112 Explain One step growth cycle ?
113 Describe specialized transduction? 
114 Who are the Pioneers of Virology ? 
115 Where did viruses evolve ? 
116 What are the structure components of viruses ?
117 What are the broad morphological types of Viruses ?
118 How do viruses replicate ? 
119 Describe Branching Pattern
120 Define cytology 
121 How can we explain the Behaviour of chromosoms during meiosis?
122 What are the different Stages in flower Development?
123 What are the different Stages in flower Development?
124 Describe Characteristics of modern seed plants
125 What is the difference between Summer and winter Annuals?
126 Describe degeneration of Sex in Ascomycetes
127 How can we explain the reduction of Sexuality in Saccharomycetaceae?
128 Describe Gametangial contact in Ascomycetes
129 Describe Sexuality in Aspergillus
130 Describe reduced sexuality in Penicillium
131 Explain Progressive Reduction in sexuality in Morchella
132 Define Somatogamy and Apomixis
133 Explain Sexuality in  Basidiomycetes
134 How can we explain the Absence of sexuality in Deuteromycetes?
135 Environmental Cues and RAM Patterning
136 Suspended Animation
137 Functions Of Dormancy
138 Describe Taxonomy (Vegetative Morphology)