LOR Year 2010

Year 2010

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1 What is Recessive Epistasis?
2 What do you mean by Anaphase?
3 What do you mean by Cytokinesis?
4 What do you mean by M Phase (Mitosis) of Cell Cycle?
5 Explain the term Metaphase?
6 What do you mean by Prometaphase?
7 What do you mean by Prophase?
8 What do you mean by Telophase?
9 What are the different scientific ways for Adaptation and Mitigation of Global Climate change?
10 How climate change affects the normal life of Human beings and the nature?
11 What is a climate change and how is it caused?
12 How can we explain the term TEK? (Traditional Ecological Knowledge)
13 What are the different fundamental principles that govern heredity?
14 Explain the Law of Segregation?
15 What are the Banding techniques which are used for the analysis of Genes?
16 What do you mean by Eugenics?
17 What do you mean by Euphenics?
18 What do you mean by Euthenics?
19 What are Genetic diseases?
20 How can we explain ulcer?
21 Which bases are found in Nucleic acid?
22 What are the different conformations in DNA?
23 How can we explain DNA?
24 How can we explain Double-Helix Model of DNA?
25 What is the role of Phosphoric acid in DNA?
26 What is Purine?
27 How can we explain Nucleic Acid Structure?
28 What is Binary fission?
29 What do you mean by Budding, Fragmentation and Akinetes?
30 What is Conjugation?
31 How Endospore formation takes place?
32 How Gonidia and Cyst formation takes place?
33 Who are the pioneers of virology?
34 Where from did viruses evolve?
35 What are broad morphological types of viruses?
36 What are the important structural components of viruses?
37 How variations in chromosome number occur?
38 Explain the term Bryophyta?
39 Explain classification of Bryophytes?
40 How do Bryophytes look like?
41 How reproduction takes place in Bryophytes?
42 Explain the term Sporophyte?
43 Explain the term Sporophyte?
45 How can we explain Aecia and Aeciospores?
46 How can we explain Basidia and Basidiospores?
47 What is Capsid?
48 What are the different categories of Uredinales?
49 What is Virus envelope?
50 What is Influenza virus?
51 How can we explain Uredinia and Urediniospores?
52 How can we explain the term Virus?
53 What is Volvox?
54 What is Bacteria?
55 What are the characteristics of Cyanobacteria?
56 Explain the Classification of Oedogonium?
57 Explain the Development of Antheridia and Oedogonium?
58 Explain Economic importance of Cyanobacteria?
59 How can we explain Bacterial Genome?
60 How can we explain Internal Dimensions of the Bacteria?
61 How can we explain the reproduction of Cyanobacteria?
62 Discuss Sexual reproduction in Oedogonium?
63 Explain Thallus structure of Oedogonium?
64 What is Duplicate Dominant Epistatis?
65 What do you mean by Gene Interaction?
66 What are the types of Non-Allelic Interaction?
67 What do you mean by Mutation?
68 Explain Mutations based on the effect on Function?
69 Explain Mutations based on type of Trait Affected?
70 Explain Mutations based on Direction?
71 Explain Mutations based on Fitness?
72 Explain Mutations based on the Tissue of Origin?
72 How variations in chromosome number occur?