LOR Year 2009

Year 2009

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1 What is Arnebia Benthami
2 What is the concept of use of Diascorea Deltoidea
3 Where is the natural habitat of Diascorea Deltoidea
4 What is the speed propagation of Arnebia Benthamii
5 What are the uses & advantages of Diascorea Deltoidea
6 What are the vegetative means of propagation of Diascorea Deltoidea
7 What are the vegetative means of propagation of Arnebia Benthamii
8 Explain the term deficiency or deletion in a chromosome
9 Explain the term inversion in a chromosome
10 What are translocations in a chromosome
11 What are the duplications in a chromosome
12 What is the origin of structural alterations in a chromosome
13 Explain changes in chromosome number
14 What are Euploids in a chromosome
15 What is polyploidy
16 What are the genetic consequences of Inversions
17 Hat is the origin & production of inversions
18 What do you mean by position effect
19 What is Pericentric inversion
20 What is Paracentric inversion
21 Where is the origin of structural changes
22 Chromosomal Alterations
23 Reproduction in bacteria
24 Inversions: Mechanism & Genetic Consequences
25 Viruses: Lytic & Lysogenic Cycles
26 Viruses: A General Account