LOR Year 2008

Year 2008

S. No Title of LOR
11 What is Hamam?
12 How is Hamam made?
13 What is Nelumbo Nucifera?
14 What is the significance of Lotus flower?
15 Where is the origin of Paper machie?
16 What is an Apple?
17 What are the applications of an Apple?
18 What is a Walnut?
19 What is the economic importance of a Walnut?
20 How Honey bees communicate each other?
21 What is a Pashmina Shawl?
22 What are Monophthongs?
23 What is a Phoneme?
24 What are Triphthongs?
25 What are Vowels?
26 What is Articulatory Phonetics?
27 What are Allophones?
28 What are Consonant Sounds?
29 What is a Diphthong?
30 What is a Minimal Pair?
31 What is Dark Reaction in Photosynthesis?
32 What is Light Reaction in Photosynthesis?
33 What is Photosynthesis?
34 What are the different Photosynthetic pigments?
35 What is Polo?
36 What is Lesson Planning?
37 What are Hydrocarbons?
38 Explain the Structure and Classification of Hydrocarbons?
39 What is Santoor?
40 Explain Anatomy of Santoor?
41 What is Mineral Water?
42 How is Mineral Water prepared?
43 What are the uses and drawbacks of Mineral Water?
44 What is Metaphysics?
45 What is Namdha?
46 What is Copperware?
47 How Copperwares are made?
48 Why Copperware is engraved?
49 What is Gazania?
50 How is Gazania prepared?
51 What is Godetia?
52 How is Godetia cultivated?
53 How can we define Silk?
54 What is Silk Route?
55 Where is Central Asia actually located?
56 How was Central Asia important?
57 Who gave the name to the Silk Route?
58 What is Kangri?
59 What is Kangri Cancer?
60 What do you mean by Intelligence?
61 What are the different types of Intelligence?
62 What is a House Boat?