Consortium for Educational Communication


CEC is an Inter University Centre, established by University Grants Commission, on 26th May 1993, under section 12 (ccc) of its act of 1956. CEC is registered as a society and enjoys Central University Status. CEC is a nodal agency at national level, to address the educational needs of the country through the use of various modes of communication. CEC has been working for the development of educational communication in higher education. Today 22 Media Centres are working towards achieving this goal. The centres are engaged in production of video and multimedia based programmes. CEC coordinates with the media centres. CEC and the media centres have more than 500-trained manpower and State of the Art equipments. CEC has perhaps the largest repository of educational video programmes, numbering more than 16,000 in 49 subjects and undergraduate video course material in 11 subjects. CEC has the copyright for all these programmes. At present, about 1000 video based educational programmes are produced annually. Present Director of CEC is Prof. (Dr.) Rajbir Singh.

In order to increase Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER), CEC has initiated the following new areas of electronic communication of knowledge and information.

  • e-content development 
  • Learning Object Repository (LOR)
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Digital Video Repository (DVR)
  • Capacity building in e-content development
  • Electronic access to library network through search engine
  • Establishing technology incubation cell

CEC runs 24 hours higher education channel known as Gyan Vyas. It was inaugurated on January 26, 2004. It has been changed into UGC-CEC 24 hours higher education channel in digital video format. 


Close Coordination, facilitation, overall guidance and direction towards the activities of the Media Centres set up by the UGC in various Universities throughout the country.  Dissemination of Educational programmes through broadcast as well as non-broadcast modes. Production of Educational programmes (Audio/Visual and Web Based) and related support material further setting up of appropriate facilities for such production. Research activities related to optimizing the effectiveness of such programmes. Providing a forum for the active involvement of academic and other scholars in the creation of appropriate educational programmes. Studying, promoting & experimenting with new technology that will increase the reach and/or effectiveness of educational communication.

EDUSAT Network

EDUSAT is the satellite exclusively devoted to meet the demands of educational sector. It was launched on September20, 2004 by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to meet ever increasing demand for an interactive satellite-based distance education system for the country. It has revolutionized classroom teaching through IP based technology. 

Consortium for Educational Commission (CEC) is one amongst the five primary users of this educational satellite. ISRO has adjudged the CEC as “the best EDUSAT National Beam User” in July 2008.

At present, there are over hundred Satellite Interactive Terminals (SITs) and Receive only Terminals (RoTs) under CEC EDUSAT network, installed at various colleges, Academic Staff Colleges and Universities across the country. Many more are being added with the purpose of providing quality higher education to the remote areas through satellite network.CEC EDUSAT network is empowering students through cutting edge technology and caters the needs of students across the country.

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